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Focus on patient care, without disrupting workflow


Your relationship with your patients is the key to your success, and to their health. Enhancing that relationship through the simple, powerful technology of AskYourDoc can transform the care you provide.

  • Frees up your schedule – Every patient question or concern doesn’t need to be an office visit. Using a telehealth tool like AskYourDoc for some of those needs can free up your schedule for other visits, while delivering convenient, responsive care to all your patients.


  • Streamlines your work flow – No need to set aside a block of time to review and respond to emails or phone messages. Simply check the app for patient alerts between other visits or whenever you have a few minutes; it’s as simple as reading and responding to a text message.


  • Easy for patients to use – Unlike some other e-visit or telehealth tools, AskYourDoc doesn’t require the patient to enter a lot of health history information up front; it’s a simple communication tool that lets them send text, pictures, and videos to communicate with you.


  • Safe and secure – AskYourDoc uses the highest security protocols and it’s fully HIPAA compliant. Can be connected with EHR to ensure continuity of care.

When to use AskYourDoc

When you use AskYourDoc in your practice, you decide what types of conditions and visits are appropriate for consulting on through the app. 

For example, AskYourDoc can be useful for communicating with patients about:


  • Cold and flu symptoms


  • Sports injuries that don’t require ER or urgent care visits

  • Bronchitis, asthma, allergies, or other ailments


  • Short-term prescriptions or refills for a variety of conditions


  • Follow-up questions related to a previous visit

It can also be helpful when a patient is:


  • Considering an ER or urgent care visit

  • Out of town or otherwise unable to come into the office

  • A dependent who is difficult to bring to the office

Primary care and more

While AskYourDoc was originally developed for primary care physicians to use with their patients, it can also be a convenient telehealth tool for a variety of other types of care, including:

  • Orthopedics

  • Dermatology

  • Ob-Gyn

  • Pediatrics

  • Allergy

Get started today!

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Once your practice has signed up to use AskYourDoc, your patients can use these easy instructions to download the app and get started communicating with you.

Three Easy Ways to Communicate with Your Patients






Picture Messaging

Easy communication

“This is the easiest way I have to communicate with my patients outside of having them in my office.”


Physician Reviews



“Saves time for my patients. Improves my documentation,with our conversation stored in a HIPAA compliant way.”


“AskYourDoc is a great way for my patients to get a hold of me in a secure manner. I like being able to help them directly, without the restrictions of insurance. Patients appreciate the quick service and direct contact with me, their primary doctor.”


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