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Your personal connection to your doctor


You want medical advice from someone you know and trust – your own doctor – but sometimes it’s just not possible or convenient to schedule an in-person visit. With many of today’s “e-visit” or “telehealth” solutions, you’re connecting with someone other than your own doctor or clinic. 

AskYourDoc is different: it’s a simple messaging app that gives you direct access to your own provider for routine, urgent, and follow-up care. 

When to use AskYourDoc

Considering an ER or urgent care visit? You may be able to use AskYourDoc to consult with your doctor first about the best course of action. Out of town or unable to come into the office? Use AskYourDoc to connect with your provider, anywhere you have phone access. Have a family member who is difficult to bring into the office? AskYourDoc can save you the trip.

Your doctor will recommend what kind of visits can be done through the app, which may include:

  • Cold and flu symptoms

  • Sports injuries that don’t require ER or urgent care visits

  • Bronchitis, asthma, allergies, or other ailments

  • Short-term prescriptions or refills for a variety of conditions

  • Follow-up questions related to a previous visit

Three Easy Ways to Communicate with Your Physician






Picture Messaging

Easy and effective

“I always have questions I think about after I leave from an office visit. (The app) makes it so easy to engage the doctor with those follow-up questions. This is particularly useful since I travel extensively for work.”


Patient Reviews



“Used the app today for a follow-up to an in-office visit from a few weeks ago. Within a half hour, my doctor had responded and sent in a prescription to my local pharmacy. That is effective and efficient healthcare – with a personal touch. The app itself is very straightforward and easy to use. Love it!”


“This is great for following up after appointments. I was able to upload a few pictures I took of my blood pressure results and my doctor responded within the hour and changed my prescription that day. Saved me a ton of it!”


“My daughter consistently gets sick with strep throat. I was able to log on to the app, message with her doctor, and have a prescription filled within 15 minutes. This app is super convenient.”


“Sent my doctor a message and he responded within minutes.Great app, easy to use and very effective.”


Sign-up instructions for patients

  • Download the app from the AppStore or the Google Play Store and enter AskYourDoc (all one word). Look for the stethoscope symbol. 

  • Tap “Install” and “Open”.

  • Tap “Patient”.

  • Tap “Sign-up” at the bottom of the screen.

  • Enter your email address and a password (8 characters: one upper case, one lower case, and one number).

  • You will receive an email with a link; click on the link to verify your email address.

  • Enter your personal information.

  • Choose your clinic and your physician or provider.

  • From there you can start a visit, review previous visits, and view your profile, as well as register dependents for AskYourDoc.


If your clinic isn’t using AskYourDoc, ask them to get started with this convenient care option. Or find a provider who is using AskYourDoc here

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